Thursday, June 26, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Table for 1 Please!! Duuuuuuuuuh

When I first came to Chennai, i was put up in a hostel that i hated. I had to get in there so that my dad cud leave in peace after having settled me in the "Big Bad City".Not that we were villagers but that's the phrase that parents often let fall when they have to let go their first born and a girl at that to the world of "work, job, employment...u choose the word)

So one of the first decisions I took as I stepped into the hostel was not to eat there. Common if the reception area is so dirty what would be the kitchen like? So that meant no breakfast in the morning, lunch at office with the crowd or if in field only if a colleague was around to give me company - after all how can a girl go into a restaurant alone and order food and more importantly eat alone. Dinner was 1 Egg Puff, 1 Bottle of Water and 1 Chocolate, packed from a nearby bakery - am one of the few South Indians who cant stand idlis, taken to the room where my doc roommate would already have left for her duties, and consumed. the exercise led to a loss of about 6 kg in 1 month - Now folks Disclaimer - This is not the new diet mantra!!

Anyways, 8 years down the line..i have changed. I live at home and pack lunch for my husband but since i still have the wandering job i don't like to carry lunch. I eat what I feel , when I feel. Now don't be nasty and ask my weight.

Today i am no longer embarrassed to go into a eatery- fast food or fine dining, whatever I so fancy at that moment and order what i wish. Fast Food outlets are OK, when they see the amount of food I order, the person at the counter thinks somebody is waiting for me at the table!! But when i go to a restaurant and ask for table for one...the reaction is Duuuuuhhhhhhhhh

Andy : Hi, I need a table

S/He : How many of you Ma'am?

Andy : It'll just be me!!

S/He : Oh, somebody will join you?

Andy : No, I said its just me , 1 person, that's me , that's all

S/He : (In Thoughts) Oh God, poor thing !! nobody to share her meal( or life...u get the drift?)

(In Words) Duuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh (And all the other words that Moose has in his vocab)

Andy : ( To anybody who cares to listen) Hello, I just felt like having one of your cheesy lasagna and i cant go around finding people to eat with me right here right now just to show u that I am not alone in this world .

Anyways persistence is the key, now a particular cafe in a bookshop is my most favoured haunt. The girls and boys know me pretty well. They know my likes , dislikes and preferences and give me plenty of space and time to check out blogs, chat on net, write my journals or simply read a book

But when I tag a friend along they go Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!!

You just cant beat them, Can you?


Itchingtowrite said...

call m anytime
i will share with u- but in another cafe

Anonymous said...

u write what u feel..thats good..not many (including me)are able to do it so well!