Tuesday, March 17, 2009

PostHeaderIcon It came by post....

The reminder that Sunshine is afterall only the centre of my Universe and not that of the world and most certainly of a certain school(lets call it XYZZ).

After Don stood in the queue for 7 hours (4.00am -11.00am) just to get the application and then spending an equal time to return the filled up application, we got a letter from them saying 'we regret...........'and for what reason, none other than the fact that her name was not picked up in the lottery system that is used for selecting kids.

My first reaction was "how can they do this to my child?????????", then reasons started flowing in from all and sundry. One explanation was that since I was not of the same faith as my husband, which incidently is also the same as that of the school,we were rejected. I was fuming till Don(whose desire is was to see Sunshine in this school)vehemently said, if thats the reason then I wouldnt send my daughter to that place even if they beg me to.

Anyways I had Plan B in place and we are all fine but it really hurts to see the rejection of Sunshine even if its for a school admission and with no other reason but not being picked up in a lottery and to top it all something she is not even aware of...

Oh what agonies await me as she grows up and faces sometimes rejection, sometimes failure and sometimes heartbreak...when she herself finds out that she is not the centre of the Universe afterall.

Good Lord, be with her always!!