Thursday, October 23, 2008

PostHeaderIcon A not so subtle hint!!

For about 2 years now I have been asking my husband to get me a desginer branded watch, a yearning I have had since I attended an interview for a job to sell ultra luxury products. My hints were very very subtle, " I want a branded designer watch." " When are you getting me that watch?", "Which store do you think we will have a wide range of choice?" ...... however Don, from Mars or whereever else his race is from, never got the hint. Last valentine's we came very close when we went searching for a store and unfortunatley they were closed by the time we reached.

Now, its not that yours truly coudnt afford to buy one for herself or accept it as gift from the more sentitive people like a sister or a friend who have been hearing me whine about the watch for loong... I just wanted Don to get it for me. Period.

But finally I decided 2 years is a really long time and if my hubby wants to act dumb about it I may as well hand hold him and make him do what I want. So the next time I was at a lifestyle store, I found just what I was looking for... No, No, dear when I say I want my husband to buy it I only mean he pays for it not to select it.

So with the brand new watch in its designer box and a single red rose in my hand I walk into my husband's office. He is shocked to see me in the middle of the day of a working day and with a rose at that. I give him the rose, kiss him and say, thank you so much for fulfilling my wish.I used the time he took to blink and close his mouth shut to open the box and show him what he has gifted me.

I thanked him again as I turned to leave but stopped to remind him that he needs to write out the cheque on my XYZ credit card and can put it in the dropbox by next week.I can give a not so subtle hint at times too!!