Wednesday, April 1, 2009

PostHeaderIcon My husband doesnt take much interest in .....

what i try on/ pick up/ buy/ wear or not wear and if I were complaining about it I have now stopped as of yesterday afternoon.In fact,especially after yesterday's incident i love my husband more for his ignorance/disinterest whatever.

I was at Lifestyle trying to buy something to utilize a gift voucher I had with the expiry date of 31.3.09. Footwear being something I could always have another pair of, I found myself checking out the Footwear dept.

Saw a guy decently attired in obviously branded semi formal clothes,browsing through the various models. I was happy to see him take so much interest in his wife's- similarly attired in jeans & kurtti, hair cut short in a beautiful cut and branded eyewear perched on top of the head- shopping till i realised it wasn't interest, it was instruction.

He picked up a shoe and handed it to her saying, this is what you want. Without waiting for her response he tells the sales guy to bring out the same in her size. The lady in many subtle ways try to hint him that she didn't like words like "yeh mere us dress ke saath nahi jayega" or picking up another pair and saying "yeh wala acha hai" or even ignoring when the sales person came back with the said pair in her size. But the husband seemed adamant.

I was tempted to go to her and say "don't buy it if u don't like it" but then i know better than that. So just walked away from there before I could see how the drama ended.

I would rather go back with my husband, show him a few shoes, listening to him say sometimes with interest and sometimes disinterestedly "ya that's good", "nice", "ya will go with ur dress..." or whatever it is that I would expect him to say but finally buying only what I like or want.

And yes, I did remember to send a prayer up thanking God for my disinterested husband!!