Friday, September 18, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Vindicated & Ecstatic

Yes, I really am!!

Today was Sunshine's first Parents Teachers' Meeting. The notice was short and Don had to travel on work. So I made it to the meeting alone. I was the last parent scheduled for the time slot and I could see the teacher explaining lessons and rhymes and tunes to the parents and telling them what they need to work on.

I was expecting the same dialogues for myself when I sat down at the table.The teacher started with "I don't have anything to tell you" which startled me a little bit. I didn't know where she was going and then she continued, "She is just perfect.She does what she is asked to do, patiently awaits her turn in group activities, is very organised and is very caring towards kids smaller than her. If somebody asked me who the model student in my class is, I would say Sunshine, what do you do to her at home...." She didn't continue after that coz I had averted my face as I didn't want her to see how shamelessly I was crying, of course out of happiness and pride

I have been an avid follower of Mommy Blogs since I was pregnant.And as years passed by I realised kids today do things/achieve milestones at a much lower age than when we were kids. 1.5-2 year old kids could sings rhymes, say alphabets and numbers, put complex jigsaw puzzles in place. Mine couldn't and I would never try and force anything on her if she didn't show any interest.

At 3.5 today, Sunshine still doesn't say all her alphabets right,doesn't know any numbers after 13, doesn't know the words in rhymes properly nor can she make sentences in any language than her native tongue.

But at 3.5 today, she knows that rules are to be followed, hygiene is to be practised,patience is a virtue,songs and stories are to be enjoyed, children smaller and weaker are to be protected... I don't think I need her to achieve anything more than that.

Thanks Sunshine for making me so proud.And thanks so much for making me feel vindicated that I followed what my heart said instead of trying to force things on you just so that I would be a "In" mother. I am so proud of you and so much in love with you!!

And if you think, this was happiness, it turned to Ecstasy with this sms from Don after I had shared the review/report and my tears with him "Congrats.Am proud of u n one day u wl b known as Sunshine's mother. Am proud of myself as I am in lov wid 2 wonderful women at d same time :-))"

Love u Sunshine & love you Don!!


Itchingtowrite said...

awwww.. even i blinked now a lot to stop tears from falling

Andy said...

Thanks Itchy! I guess its the standards you set for yourself that are too high, what your child expects from you is much much lesser

Devasena Hariharan said...

That's really lovely Andy!

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