Wednesday, July 29, 2009

PostHeaderIcon An Award & A Tag

Yipeee!! Yes, I did it! What you ask? Well I am now officially a 'recognised' blogger of the blogworld..a tag and an award all at once!!

Itchy has awarded me a Kreative Blogger award for the meagre offerings I have on my Blog. Seriously a case of loving the person more than the Blog , but then who am i to look into a Gift Horse in the mouth? I accept the award with all humbleness and graciousness!! Thanks so much Itchy!!

And now the Tag:To list things about myself in the given various category:

Seven Things I like to do :

1.Hugging people esp Don & Sunshine
3.Listening to Old Hindi Film Songs
5.Tying my hair high up
7.Watcing Movies

Seven Things I like to eat/drink:
1.Cold Coffee
2.Dark Chocolate
3.Puttu-Kadala(Mom made)
4.Fish Pickle(Mom made)
5.Pavakka Theeyal(Mom Made)- Typical Mallu dish with Karelas
6.Masala/Parippu Vada

Seven things I like to wear:
1.My Smile
2.My Attitude
4.Jasmine on my hair
5.Long Flowy Skirts

Seven of my most prized possessions:
1.My Family
2.My Memories
3.My Good Health
4.My Engagement Ring
5.My Wedding Invite
6.My Photos - right from childhood
7.My External Hard Disk

Seven things I most want to do:
1.Bring up Sunshine as a good Human Being
2.Loose Weight
3.Confidently drive a Car through Panagal Park(Chennaites will know)in Peak traffic
4.To learn Classical Dance & French
5.Travel all over India and the world
6.Bake the most heavenly cakes/Cookies/Pies/Tarts and the likes
7.Makes enough friends to tag on the blogworld!!!!

And Seven friends I would like to pass this award to:
I dont have 7 friends in the Blogworld to fwd the tag I tag Patti

Hey this is fun!!


Raaga said...

Hmmm... congrats on the award :)

Deeba @Passionate About Baking said...

Congrats on the award & welcome to this wonderfully addworld of blogging!!