Thursday, May 14, 2009

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is my finger since I could not cast my vote yesterday. Its the first time since I turned adult that I was prepared to vote. I was in the Country and had stayed in the same address long enough to have all kinds of proofs to apply for my voter's id, which I did but unfortunately mine or Don's name did not feature in the electoral list.

I went to 3 pooling booths in the 40 degree C afternoon sun of Chennai to find out and totally confirm that our names aren't included. Though I know its the thought that counts I felt I had let down the country a bit by not being able to cast my vote. I really do feel a prick in the heart when i see the stained fingers of those around me.

A thought that crossed my mind while I was running around the polling booths was that how little we no I (let me speak only for me) do or get to do for our country. If only we all did a little more!!

I really do hope next time I get to vote.


AMIT said...

Oh its all about vote.Nice share post.

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