Tuesday, February 17, 2009

PostHeaderIcon How would you react

if you found out that you had a hobby that you weren't even aware of? Me, I reacted by first trying to psycho-analyse myself and then doing the easier thing of taking snaps and blogging about it.

Well it all started when a holiday planned went awry and I was left with a lot of time in hand. The time that forced me to hear the calling, requests, orders name it as you please that it has been ages since the cupboards have been aired, that there lurking behind that chaos might be clothes that haven't seen sunlight for sometime,that air/humidity/rodents could have destroyed what are in those cupboards.

With no more excuses to give I set out to do the task.There were clothes I didn't know I had, materials that hadn't been stitched, sarees not worn,books I hadnt read, music I hadn't heard, recipe book which I had another copy coz I didn't remember that I already had one, unused gift coupons past expiry,some currency in purses not used, bday cards not sent,gifts of Sunshine waiting for her to attain the age mentioned on them, lovely frocks waiting to be fit for her and the usual. The usual of course it is for the cupboards that Andy rules. But for one thing.

I found diaries and note book of various colours, sizes, shapes and I realised for reasons too coz I did manage to remember why some of them were bought. Wanna have a look at some of them...common...

This one I had picked to create a gift for a friend of mine. Luckily I gave her a adhoc gift(if it can be called that) else today 6 months after her bday I would still have not given her a gift. Note the pics of a cool , classy lady on the cover..well that's why I picked it up.

A couple of months after I had picked the Lady Notebook, I picked this one up and for the same reason. Coz I thot this one was more fun...pink, polka dots...what more could a girl want?

I have no idea why I picked this one up...5 Subject note...hmmmm hmmmm hmmm...no no I don't remember.

This blue note was bought for a class I wanted to join. I went to the institute, paid the fees, bought the stationery everything but they finally cancelled out the batch that I preferred coz of the timings. So this book is left untouched.

I fell in love with this Coffee Book the moment i saw it. It was so me. Coffee, brown earthy textures, recipes.....I don't know how to explain it but if somebody asks me what notebook would represent me(Why would somebody ask such a stupid question, beats me?)it would be this. I use it sometimes to jot down what I am feeling..but like my blogs they are few and far between.

Thoughts was meant for exactly that. when my pregnancy report first came positive, I went and bought this book to write down for my child what my thoughts were. However, things didn't go as planned and the book was shelved till after Sunshine was born.However it was not thoughts that I put into it..it was more facts, about her and her birth. The thoughts still needs to be put in.

This one I like to call Jatar Mantar. I picked it up at a bookstore when I felt I could be jotting down things to hand over to my daughter and from her to her daughter...you know something like a tradition...This notebook had that 'I am traditional/heritage' feel. Guess I should start using it before it becomes history.

Anyways, these are a few samples of what I found not to mention a host of calender diaries, notepads etc.

The psychoanalyst in me diagnosed that there are a lot of bottled up things in me that I want to bring out..maybe write out..so the gesture of buying these books to pour myself out on them. Very scientific na?

So whats your diagnosis doc?


Patti said...

ahem...wheres the book for me :D really pretty books! I cant imagine jotting my thoughts on anything but the computer with my handwriting!!

AMIT said...

Wow u have shared very good thing here.Thanks for it and keep writing.

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